Set the ambiance

• Set a white tablecloth on the table, so that when you’re pouring your wine, it will best show the wines’ appearance!
• Lay out your tasting mats, sparkling wine flutes and pens.


Pour your wines

• Chill three of our 90+ point wines in the refrigerator prior to serving.


Let the tasting begin

• Pour the 3 wines for your guests. Use the Mumm Napa tasting mat and Wine Aroma Wheel to help your guests understand how to taste sparkling wine like a pro.
• As you start seeking for clues, look at the wines’ color and intensity. Is the appearance light, medium or deep? Compare your thoughts with your guests!
• Then swirl the glass, place your nose over the rim to take a short sniff, note the intensity and characteristics of the aromas. Again, take a moment to fill in your observations onto the tasting mat. What do you smell?
• Now, it’s time to take a sip! Observe levels of sweetness, tannin, alcohol, acidity on your palate. Discuss your own opinion on flavor, intensity and any other tasting notes, ask your guests what they are noticing too! Is the finish short or long? How acidic are the wines? The tasting notes are the perceptions of smell and taste, which we experience while drinking a wine.
• Hurray, you’ve successfully led this tasting event like a champ! Now, time to enjoy and chat about your favorites!

Download your Tasting Mat and The Mumm Napa Wine Wheel here

It’s not a party without snacks

As you’re exploring the wines, pair them with some fun snacks. Use the following guide to help pair the perfect bite with our Mumm Napa Sparkling wines:
Cheese: the creaminess of the cheese complements the acidity of certain wines. Make sure to match each wine with the correct cheese. As a rule of thumb, lighter wines pair better with milder flavors.
Charcuterie: sparkling wine has an acidity that pairs well with salty, rich fatty foods, we recommend going for a chicken liver pate or a cured ham such as Prosciutto or Serrano
Fruit: sparkling wine goes perfectly with berries and stone fruits such as plumbs or peaches.
Surprise element: make your tasting event special and memorable with a bold, unexpected pairing. Some suggestions include buttered popcorn, fried chicken, or sushi.

Why treat your friends to a 90+ points wine tasting?

Our award-winning 90+ point wines are true expressions of wines with strong appearance, nose, and palate, showing all specificities of the wine and the Napa Valley region. They were awarded with an outstanding rating, meaning these wines have a superior character and style. We hope you enjoy tasting these wines and that you have a brilliant wine tasting experience with Mumm Napa sparkling wines!

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Alternatively, for added fun if you ever want to do a blind tasting, make sure to cover the label of each bottle as to not reveal the identity of each Mumm Napa sparkling wine to your guests and provide white bread & crackers to help your guests clean their palate in between two wines.