It’s time to party. The season tells us so, and who are we to argue?

Elegant cocktail parties, family feasts, and cozy gatherings all make for more moments to elevate with a perfectly chilled, beautifully served glass of sparkling wine.

And a few simple details will help you set the stage for a memorable toast and first sip.

Step #1: Time to Chill


Put simply, a well-chilled bottle (think 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit) is better on the palate. If time has escaped you in the midst of party prep, don’t run to the freezer and try to flash freeze the bubbly. Instead, buy yourself 20 to 30 minutes, fill an ice bucket (we happen to love the Kate Spade top hat) with half ice and half water, and place your bottle right in the heart of the cold. It’ll be perfectly prepped for step 2.

Step #2: The Perfect Glass


So many choices for so many occasions; make this one a true reflection of the moment. Feeling a bit retro? Opt for a short-stemmed, bowl-shaped glass like The Great Gatsby himself may have used in the 1920s. For a more modern, light-hearted approach, try Kate Spade’s Larabee Dot Flutes, in the more familiar tulip shape.

If you’re just beginning your glassware collection, have some serious fun with it. Glasses don’t need to match, so spend some time at vintage and thrift stores, or even mom’s china cabinet, to create your own, eclectic, fabulous set. The benefits of a mismatched set: everyone can easily identify their glass!

Step #3: Time to Uncork


While it’s tempting to make a real show out of opening a bottle of bubbly, a simpler technique ensures not a single drop is wasted. The basics are this: keep one hand on the cork while the other grips the base. Gently and slowly turn the base until the cork is released. With this technique, there’s no spillage, so you can generously top off everyone’s glass.

Step #4: The Perfect Pour


Start each glass with a pour of a few inches to allow the froth to subside before adding more, but leave a little space at the top of the glass. With the right pour, plan for about five glasses per bottle of Mumm Napa sparkling.

Add your own flair to the stem of each glass for a thoughtful touch—a small bell, red ribbon, or icons that match family and friends’ personalities. Simple details make for a more special occasion.

Step #5: Cheers!


No matter how perfectly you prep for a celebration, what matters is the memory it creates. The most important step is to take a moment to appreciate your surroundings and the people you’re with. And, as per European tradition, while clinking glasses, make an effort to make eye contact with fellow guests.


Your season may be packed with plans, but a toast is your chance to pause and make it count.