In the 1990s, Dr. Martens and acid-washed jeans ruled fashion. Here at Mumm Napa, in 1992 specifically, our decidedly un-trendy, timeless style of winemaking continued, but we found creative expression in new wines, and even a new way of reaching sparkling wine fans around the world: Club Vivant.

ClubVivant_Image2Club Vivant was inspired by our founding winemaker, Guy Devaux, who was born into a winemaking family in France’s Champagne region. Vivant is a French word that speaks to a vivid way of life, where sparkling wine is a key ingredient. It’s about living vividly, living fully, and enjoying the every moment. We like to think that’s exactly what Club Vivant helps you do.

Initially, Club Vivant offered three of our handcrafted sparklings delivered to members’ doorsteps: Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noir, and Brut Prestige. But in 2012, Club Vivant celebrated its 20th anniversary and evolved to reflect the fuller spirit of living, and the idea that a bottle of sparkling could be enjoyed any time—not just reserved for holidays or celebrations.

The result was the creation of three different levels of membership suited to a range of sparkling tastes, and supplemented by winery exclusives and invitation-only events:


For sparkling aficionados, DVX Club focuses on our finest signature sparkling wine, and honors our founding winemaker Guy Devaux’s legacy.

Collector’s Edition Club, Club Vivant’s most popular choice, presents a mix of DVX label, winery exclusive bottlings, and limited-production still wines.

With our Classic Club, members can sample Mumm Napa’s most timeless wines with a full selection of winery-exclusive sparkling wines.

Membership extends far beyond receiving world-class sparkling and still wines several times each year, though. Club Vivant members receive invitations to exclusive events and experiences held year round, such as cooking classes, cheese tastings, a summer lobster bake, a cruise on the San Francisco Bay, or photography exhibitions, to name just a few of the many inspired Club occasions.

Ongoing discounts for wines and unique merchandise, online and at the Mumm Napa winery, plus free tastings, round out the membership perks.

Ultimately, Club Vivant’s exclusive access to wines and experiences supports our belief that “Life is Better With Bubbles” by finding many ways to make sure its members are really, well, living.

To learn more about our Club Vivant memberships, or to gift one to that special someone, find the right fit here, or call us at 800-686-6272.