Spring has sprung, and the promise of change inspires ways to reorganize and revitalize. We’ve selected four sparkling wines to accompany spring’s best activities spring has to offer.


Demi-Sec – This Spring’s Official Wine for Spring Cleaning
A new beginning and an amazing finished product requires a lot of hard work. Make the moments getting there feel just as great by pairing them with Mumm Napa’s Demi-Sec. Start with the closets and create keep, donate, and toss piles, enticing your spouse to pitch in by keeping the bubbles flowing as you go. Once the house is filled with only the things you need, dust, wipe, scrub, and clean every space to make each as sweet of a spot to call home as the slightly sweet and freshly fruity Demi-Sec. Enjoy a glass together to celebrate the team effort.


Brut Reserve Rosé – This Spring’s Official Wine for Gardening
Everything’s in bloom, and flower showers are making walks feel like a dream. After taking a trip to the nursery for a few of your favorite things, gather your friends and the gardening equipment, plus a chilled bottle of Mumm Napa Brut Reserve Rosé, and spend the afternoon catching up while playing in the dirt. When making space for strawberry plants, notice the fragrant strawberry aromas. Let the bright red fruit flavors inspire your group’s creation of a multi-colored pansy bed or a porch full of colorful potted plants.


Brut Prestige and Giants Prestige – This Spring’s Official Wine(s) for Playing Ball
For many, spring marks an anticipated baseball season opening, where traditions hold true. Whether toasting your team before cheering them on in the stadium, or hosting friends for a viewing party, a bottle of Mumm Napa Giants Brut Prestige is crafted with time-honored techniques that loyal fans can appreciate. Celebrate like champions while enjoying the choice of the San Francisco Giants.


If you’re not a baseball fan, you can still have a ball by taking the opportunity to head outside with friends and family and Mumm Napa Brut Prestige. From a backyard wiffle ball tournament to a game of catch at the park, Brut Prestige is the perfect outdoor sparkling, with a crisp finish and versatile flavors.

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