If it’s true life is what happens while you’re making other plans, then you don’t need to make big plans to feel like you’re really living. Whether you only have a few minutes, or a full evening ahead of you, you can squeeze a few sparkling moments into even the busiest days of the week.

1_Moment of Solitude

The 15-Minute Moment of Solitude
Gift yourself a few minutes at the end of the day and make them count. Grab a “mini” 187mL bottle of Mumm Napa Brut Prestige and a spot in your favorite part of your home. Sneak outside on a warmer evening where the loudest noise is the sound of the bubbles in your glass. Or just put your feet up on your plushest seating, put on your favorite jazz singer, and sip the perfect serving size of our signature Napa Valley Sparkling wine.

2_Double Bubble

The 30-Minute Double Bubble
Queue up your playlist of choice, or your guilty pleasure book or magazine, and draw a bath. With lights dimmed, scented candles lit, and finger foods within reach, settle into the bubbles and open the bubbly. A bottle of Mumm Napa Cuvée M makes for a double bubble night where every minute feels more luxurious than the last.


The 45-Minute Dine 1:1
With just under an hour, there’s time to order from your favorite restaurant. Without the prep, cook, and clean-up time you can really focus on the quality time. Eat as slowly as you can stand, savoring every bite. Pour a glass (or few) of Mumm Napa Brut Reserve to make the evening feel like the perfect date…with yourself or a special someone.


The 60-Minute Spa Experience
At-home spa treatments are a treat any night of the week. Begin with a face mask before transitioning to a full-body scrub. Once rinsed from head to toe, moisturize and choose your favorite polish for a matching mani/pedi. Finish with a natural eye soother (grab those cucumbers or teabags), and find a spot to recline while listening to calming music. Whether you fly solo or invite a friend to share the experience, Brut Reserve Rosé is the perfect companion to create a sense of occasion.

The Any Time
Lucky you! If you have a free evening ahead, try all the activities above or make up your own (and pick your one favorite bubbly), or search our Better With Bubbles (Occasions) articles for impromptu ideas as simple as dusting off a board game or revisiting a classic movie. With the right intentions and your favorite bottle of Mumm Napa sparkling at your side, every night can feel like really living.