There are few times that wouldn’t be made a little more memorable with sparkling wine. But as you look for the ideal sparkling for your next occasion, it helps to understand a few styles you might find.

Sparkling wines, including Mumm Napa wines, are often described by how dry and sweet they are, and what kind of grape varietal gives them their color, like Brut (dry), Brut Rosé (dry and pink), Blanc de Blancs (dry and white), Sec (lightly sweet), and Demi-Sec (sweet). Each suits a slightly different setting; all make for memorable occasions.




You’ll find almost all Mumm Napa wines in this classic, dry sparkling wine style that’s right for occasions from spontaneous to special. Mumm Napa Brut Prestige is our signature sparkling wine, one we think of as a “just because” wine, as in just because you balanced the checkbook, survived the commute, or it’s a beautiful day. Try Mumm Napa Brut Reserve for something a little more planned, like classic movie night, a bocce or croquet tournament, an indoor or outdoor picnic, or even a hike.

DVX is our prestigious tête de cuvée, a wine with exceptional aging potential and the crowning touch for any milestone special occasion, like a birthday with close friends or your first night in the new house.


Brut Rosé

For a more fruit-forward type of sparkling wine that’s also beautifully eye-catching, a Brut Rosé is a soft, rich, and elegant option with vivid berry flavors. Here again, a range of Mumm Napa wines suit the setting. Mumm Napa Brut Rosé’s gorgeous pink coral color is perfect for weekend brunch, a casual seafood dinner, or date night.

Brut Reserve Rosé suits a tempting array of appetizers, game night with friends, or a romantic getaway surprise. DVX Rosé is delicious on its own or alongside a special meal––a celebratory evening for two, dinner with the boss, or cherries and chocolate by candlelight.



Blanc de Blancs

French for white of whites, this wine is made primarily from Chardonnay grapes with a touch of Pinot Gris, also a Brut-style selection. A crisp and dry varietal with a vibrant flavor, both refreshing and light, Mumm Napa Blanc de Blancs is an ideal complement to a spontaneous afternoon picnic, sampling fresh goat cheese and seasonal fruit after a farmers market expedition, or an inspired Gatsby “white” party, where all the guests wear white without fear of spills.




Sec indicates a lightly sweeter wine, though its literal French translation is dry. So this sparkling wine style is still more than palatable for wine drinkers who lean toward a drier finish, which makes it easily drinkable after a hard day at the office. A Sec is also perfect for an evening party featuring sparkling wine-infused cocktails that are too tasty for you to drink just one. Try Mumm Napa Cuvée M and Cuvée M Red.




Demi-Sec translates to half dry in French (which also means it’s sweet). The style is light and fresh, subtly fruit forward with the delicious sweetness of perfectly ripe fruit––both citrus and cantaloupe flavors popping into play, a treat unto itself. Our Mumm Napa Demi-Sec is an elegant finishing touch to any shared meal or casual dinner party, to cap off the evening with fresh melon, crème brulée, or a luscious cheese platter. Though this style is the “sweetest” Mumm Napa produces, it’s not a pucker player. The flavors are subtle enough that dry-style fans will still enjoy it, too.


We’re believers that varying sparkling styles lend to flavors worth exploring. In time, you’ll find your personal favorite to match the personality of every occasion and every moment.