For a little inspiration during these cooler, darker months, we’ve selected three sparkling wines that pair best with our favorite winter activities – you know, those ones especially made for right now.


1. Brut Reserve
This Winter’s Official Wine of Nesting


While you’re chilling in front of the TV watching your favorite shows or movies, pop a chilled bottle of our signature Brut Reserve – a balanced blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Whether you opt to curl up with an attention-grabbing book, or give your full attention to the kids while building blanket forts, Brut Reserve’s creamy texture and multi-layered flavors add that style of dependable deliciousness.

If “doing” is more your style, stay in PJs all day while catching up on household chores or getting a jump on spring organizing, and reward yourself with Brut Reserve – guaranteed to make even winter blues sparkle.

2. 2008 Santana Supernatural Brut
This Winter’s Official Wine of Creativity


When daylight fades early, and finicky weather forces plans indoors, creativity becomes a must. Our 2008 Santana Supernatural Brut has a stimulating profile of red apple, vanilla bean, bing cherry, and plum to inspire ideas with refreshing clarity. Much like how the aging brings out vibrant nuances (biscuits and hazelnuts), you’ll feel just as free to let the moment shape your interests into something exhilarating.

Use the season as an opportunity to sign up for an art class or a cooking class, or skip class altogether and take dance lessons or self-taught anything lessons – topping off your hard work and newfound fun with a refreshing glass of Santana that’s perfectly paired with one of his classic albums.

3. 2011 Devaux Ranch Rosé – a Club Exclusive
This Winter’s Official Wine of Snow Days


Our first-ever, club-exclusive 2011 Devaux Ranch Rosé is as exclusively sourced as those perfect-powder days. The coveted Carneros AVA in southern Napa Valley produced this wine’s grapes, courtesy of a cooler 2011 summer. With its aromas of strawberry, shortcake, oranges, vanilla cream, and yellow peaches, Devaux Ranch Rosé’s flavors shine like a fresh winter coating – a memorable choice for skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, or snowball fights.

The creamy, balanced mouthfeel is a welcome companion to active days, and since afternoons filled with snow have a tendency to feel especially memorable, they deserve a sparkling wine that can match the spirit.

For all year, every day, our Mumm Napa select sparkling wines are handcrafted for however you decide to spend your time. And, we like to think, to make that time a little more special.