At Mumm Napa, we think sparkling wine is capable of great things. Each glass is filled with the potential to transform fleeting moments into lasting memories.

That’s important, because too many of life’s moments race by unnoticed, uncelebrated. So while our wines are made for special occasions, their real magic is the power to make any occasion special.

That’s what “Better With Bubbles” is all about. It’s a roadmap to a life more sparkling that helps you:

  • Create new occasions, or find new ways to celebrate old ones. Start a date night tradition, take a potluck from expected to exceptional, or host your best-ever holiday brunch.
  • Understand the wines that accompany and inspire occasions. Find out what setting calls for Cuvée M or fits with Brut Rosé, and why a Blanc de Blancs pairs well with Gatsby and goat cheese.
  • See behind the scenes at the winery where it’s all made. Virtually visit Mumm Napa’s home, here at the intersection of French roots and California style.
  • Share stories with others who share your passion. See what bubbles up from your social medium of choice across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and beyond.

It’s all about finding new excuses to celebrate – a new year, a new week, a new job, new friends, new experiences, or just the feeling that each new day is worth celebrating.

So whether you’re gathering for a New Year’s Eve or toasting to another Tuesday, here’s to making it an experience worth remembering. Here’s to all those who believe life goes better with bubbles.