Today we highlight Chardonnay, one of the two main grape varieties in our wines. Where Pinot Noir brings power and body to our blends, Chardonnay brings elegance, length, and bright acidity. It’s the reason the two grapes complement each other so well. Chardonnay thrives in the southern part of Napa, especially Carneros and Oak Knoll, where the cooler temperatures allow for excellent flavor development and preservation of its signature acidity.
It’s an important component in many of our blends. Chardonnay is half of the DVX blend, adding its elegant touch and signature acidity. Believe it or not, it’s also an important component in our Rose blends. Chardonnay brings length and balance to these wines. It’s approximately 30% of the Brut Rose blend and 35% of the Reserve Rose. Without the Chardonnay component, these blends wouldn’t have the same complexity they’re known for.
If you really want to celebrate the Chardonnay personality, open a bottle of our Reserve Blanc de Blancs. It’s a beautiful example of the citrus and apple notes that Chardonnay is known for, with lively acidity that pairs fabulously with seafood. I’m especially excited about the 2018 vintage releasing in May. Let’s all raise a glass to celebrate our friend Chardonnay!

These are a few Mumm Napa Chardonnay-forward wines to try: