Occasions pop up. Sometimes, an ordinary experience is a spontaneous opportunity for something special. Other times, a planned celebration sneaks up on you. Having a case of Mumm Napa handy with your favorite bottle (or mixed and matched with all your favorites) is just the thing for just these kinds of occasions.

The Birthday / Anniversary That Slipped Your Mind

It always happens. A friend, family member, or coworker is celebrating something. And there’s no wiggle room in your schedule to scoot to a store. So you grab a bottle of Brut Reserve from the case you purchased for moments like these, pair it with a from-the-heart note, and deliver with a stress-free smile—probably before anyone else does.

Welcoming Those New Neighbors

It can take weeks or months to remember to welcome those neighbors who moved in next door. You’d have to steal time to bake something great, or to hunt down the perfect indoor plant. But this time, you need only grab a bottle of Cuvée M from storage and walk next door. Greeting the newbies with sparkling, immediately after a long day of moving, is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

That Last-Minute Dinner Party

The group text is sent at 4 p.m., the hostess so excited to see you all later that evening. It’s a message that might otherwise instill panic as you figure out how to slip out of work early to grab a proper hostess gift. But this time it’s nothing more than a tough choice between your bottle of Sparkling Pinot Meunier or your Blanc de Blancs. Pick one to bring, and one to share at a pre-party where you celebrate your foresight.

The Unexpected Great News

Your spouse walks in the door, all smiles. After months of extra hours and a project that put the company on a new trajectory, she’s been promoted. The typical Tuesday evening now feels like anything but. Without missing a beat, you pop open a bottle of DVX from the case you had secretly been saving for this very moment. The instant recognition turns the special evening into an unforgettable one.

Those Moments of Change

From modifying the dinner menu, to a rainstorm blowing in and shadowing the sunny day, to opting for a quiet night in over a lively night out, things change. Moods shift and plans deviate. With a mix-and-match case of Mumm Napa easily accessible, you can quickly pair however you’re feeling, and whatever you’re up to, with a bottle that matches it perfectly.

In short, having a case (or two) of sparkling on hand means you’re not just ready for any special event, but ready to spontaneously elevate everyday moments into true occasions.