Agricultural Tips from

Cecelia, Viticulture Manager Mumm Napa

Tips in Sustainable Vineyard Management that translate to our gardens at home

  1. Diversity is good! Plants, insects, and wildlife are all part of the vineyard ecosystem. The more natural foodwebs we can include the healthier our site will be and nature does the work for us. In the home garden this can include companion planting, for example tomatoes and basil.
  2. Take cues from the garden! Rather than applying a standard, look to the soil and the plants to see first hand what water and food they need. How wet is the soil? Are the leaves wilting?
  3. Timing is key! Avoid irrigating or watering in the heat of the day so that when you water in the morning or later afternoon the water can be used efficiently by the plants and not lost to evaporation.

Bonus: I do my best problem-solving when walking in a vineyard or garden; sunshine, nature, and a change of scenery are a great way to clear the mind!