You’d be surprised how small an excuse you truly need to share a bottle of sparkling wine. Here are 10 examples that are reason enough to turn any day into a sparkling occasion.

1You survived teaching your parents how to digitally share photos with the extended family, without losing your patience. Reward each other for working together by sharing a toast with three crisp glasses of Brut Prestige.



You gracefully survived a rowdy friend’s bachelor or bachelorette party. Savor a little quiet relaxation the next day with a bottle of Blanc de Blancs.


You had a great day at the office. Meetings were minimal, you completed all assignments, and even got a little recognition from your boss. Invite some co-workers out after work to revel in a productive day with a vividly red glass of Sparkling Pinot Noir.



You and your spouse successfully weeded the flower beds after putting off the task for maybe a little too long. You’ve earned the wild strawberry notes of Cuveé M to share on a leisurely afternoon.


You finished a long, sweaty hike to a high, pretty place. Refresh yourself and your co-hikers with a chilled bottle of 2010 Devaux Ranch and its bright citrus flavor.


Against all odds, you took a driver’s license picture at the DMV that looks more like a headshot than a mugshot. You’ll finally be able to show your card without using your thumb to block the photo, so share a comforting glass of Brut Rosé with any friends still afflicted with unflattering IDs.


You scored an unbeatable deal at your favorite boutique. Stay stylish with a flute of Brut Reserve.


Picked up the suit from dry cleaners? Check. Fixed the leaky faucet? Check. Accomplished your entire honey-do list? Check. Sipping Sparkling Pinot Meunier as a reward? Check.


The baseball game is on…again. Whether you’re a dedicated fan rooting for your hometown team—or simply putting up with a die-hard fanatic whom you happen to love—toast to America’s favorite pastime with a bottle of Giants Brut Prestige.



This Sunday, you were a successful adult by meal-prepping for an entire week. Your display of togetherness calls for a glass of Brut Reserve Rosé. Inhale its fragrant strawberry jam and dark plum aromas and remember what’s great about being all grown up.

If these 10 excuses teach you anything, it’s that you don’t need much of an “excuse” to drink sparkling wine. Use these, or make up your own. But don’t let too many days go by without remembering life is #BetterWithBubbles.